Men’s Dressing Style Guide for Christmas

The season of joy and happiness is upon us. Yes, we are talking about X-mas.

Christmas is the season when you have tons of joys to celebrate. For starters, you get to enjoy a long week of holidays, away from school or workplace.

Secondly, and most importantly, you get the chance of having a get together at your family or relatives’ place, your colleagues home, etc.

Even if you don’t have any place to go, you can hit the pubs and other popular attractions to meet new faces and strike a fun conversation with them.

Well, whatever you do, make sure that you are dressed right for the occasion. We’ve said it time and again that your dress reflects your personality.

It reflects who you are as a person or as an individual. Therefore, it is imperative that you groom up a bit and look suave in the right Christmas outfit.

The Formal Christmas Attire

Let’s start with the formal X-mas attire. You will need to be dressed up in formal attire if you have a business party on Christmas Eve. When it comes to formal attires, nothing can ever beat the classic yet sleek tuxedo.

Tuxedos make the perfect Christmas attire because the dress gives off a vibe of sophistication and style. Good thing is that you can try out both the black and midnight blue tuxedo and see what spikes up your personality.

The Smart Casual Style

button down shirt

 If you are not into tuxedos or you simply don’t want to look caged in a sophisticated dress code, you may want to go for a smart casual instead.

The smart casual style is although a version of formal attire but it takes the feeling of being caged away with its comfy looks. You can easy stretch your arms or back, you can sit back and relax, without worrying about anything in the world.

The smart casual looks can be attained with a pair of chinos, blazer, and button down shirt and dress shoes. You don’t need to tuck in your button-down shirt if you wish to stay free.

Match Your Significant Other Attire

There’s nothing that can bring the joy on your significant other’s face than you putting on a matching dress on important occasions like Christmas. You don’t need any other guys tell you how to go about it.

Simply, put on the same dress your partner is wearing and it will surely bring a smile on her face. It could be a matching sweater, blazer, etc.

The Complete Casual Attire

brown leather biker jacket

You can never go wrong with casual Christmas attires. In fact, the casual wear would be more fitting in places like pubs, friends get together, etc.

The most important aspect of putting yourself into casual dress is that you feel relax. The shirt is not tucked in, the blazer isn’t buttoned or the jacket isn’t zipped, etc.

Best of all, there’s a lot more room available for you to play with different outfits. You can try a brown leather jacket, with a dark T-shirt and jeans, coupled with boots. You can also replace the leather jacket with a denim shirt. See what matches your style.

Final Note

Christmas is the occasion of fun and joy. It is the perfect occasion to keep your fear of trying new patterns and colors away, and try whatever interests you.

Finally, when it comes to Christmas outfits, you don’t need to think going overboard with your dress. Just keep things simple and presentable, and you will be fine.

Thinking of buying a new leather jacket for yourself or someone? You must be wondering what is all this genuine leather and faux leather. Don’t worry. This a common question asked by many who are looking to buy a leather jacket. Knowing the difference is not only important for your general knowledge, but also to avoid being scammed by someone. Yes, you read it right. People often get fooled by retailers who sell them faux leather jacket on higher price by labeling them as a genuine leather jacket. To protect your money and yourself from getting scammed, we thought that you should be aware of the difference and what are the pros and cons of both types.

Real Leather vs Faux

Leather are either made from cattle hides or from artificial materials. Cattle hide include sheep, cow or goat. The one made from cattle hide is the genuine leather. The one made from artificial materials is called Faux. To be more specific, faux leather is made from thermoplastic, a type of plastic, and a layer of polyurethane on top. It is polished with wax or dye just to make it look like a genuine leather. The visual difference is hard to tell for someone who is not aware of the difference because faux leather is made to look like a genuine leather. Apart from visual differences, there are other differences as well.


Durability is the major point of difference between genuine leather and faux leather. A leather made from a hide is obviously going to last longer than one made from artificial materials. A genuine leather jacket can last from 10 to 20 years, whereas faux leather may start to crack or peel after only a few years of use.


Cost is another major difference. Since genuine leather involves animal hide and the process of making it is delicate, it can be expensive. On the other hand, faux is a lot cheaper in comparison to genuine leather. People often buy faux leather because of this reason. It is also why some buyers might try to sell you faux leather on higher prices by labeling it as genuine leather jacket.


A genuine leather has a random texture, which is its natural appearance and it is limited in color. If you look closely, you will notice inconsistent pores and marks on genuine leather, which is due the stretch marks and scars on the hide it is made from. Whereas, faux leather has a consistent texture because the pores are created synthetically.

If you keep these differences in mind, you will understand why it is better to buy a genuine leather jacket instead of faux leather. Genuine leather lasts longer, which is why it saves you the cost in longer run.